We believe everyone deserves to have a beautiful home filled with well-designed furniture. We provide a comprehensive design service which is realised by spending time with our client and studying their personalities and taste. Here you can find inspiration for your home, and shop our range of home furnishings..

Exterior Beautification


Looking to make your home stand out? Adding durable stone elements to the exterior of your home and more, we can create a visually striking and stately impression

Pillar Design


Our Pillar Designs / decorators are very unique. In all our projects, our interior designer, architect, contractors and artists all contributed to all successful projects.

pop scredding


Our premium quality POP Screeding materials comes in both for exterior and interior and with high filling power, good adhesion, easy application and sanding

stucco marble


We understand home investments and can help you perform a credible valuation exercise on that home of yours. This means your home can be no more undervalued and thats great!

interlocking tiles


All of our concrete interlocking tiles can achieve an 'A+' rating (the lowest environmental impact) in the Building Research and it is also Quick and easy to install.

fully fitted kitchen


The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home and there are many things to consider when choosing the right kitchen. With so many types and styles, finding the perfect kitchen for your home can seem impossible.

Walk in closet


Building a walk-in closet may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s pretty easy to do. With Sayaveth Experts you can divide your room and double your storage in one afternoon, without an architect.

cabinet/wood works


We are very committed to the art of fine woodworking and custom cabinet making. We are a full service design and build workshop dedicated to transforming your vision into an exquisitely crafted reality..

matt/emulsion painting


Suitable for interior walls and giving a classic flat look. Because of their high quality finish, superb coverage and value for money,it is recognised as industry standards, frequently recommended by architects, interior designers and decorating professionals..

iron work/gate


No matter the size or shape of your stairs, gate, window size, we cater to the needs of your property. We can create a one-of-a-kind design that fits the needs of your home.

anteroom/foyer design


Whether you have spacious or compact home, the foyer is the first area that people see when they walk into your home. Regardless of the space available, our design will serve you and your visitors better

wall light/chandaliers


Chandelier wall lights are the perfect complement to a stunning ceiling chandelier and are essential if you are looking to create a truly breathtaking lighting plan around crystal chandelier lighting..

Bedroom sets


Your bedroom should entail more than just a bed in a room; it should epitomize a personal paradise, a vacation at home, and a place you never want to leave.

antigue and victorian sets


We specialise in pieces that would be difficult to find in local antique shops or local antique centres. We hold the largest stock of quality antique dining tables, antique sets of chairs, antique desks and antique bookcases in Nigeria

setee sets in fabric & leather


Choose the color, fabric, and design features you like and know that your room will come together. Then you can really start living in your room and enjoying your set, rather than worrying about decorating!.



Food, family, friends and fine furniture – who says you can’t have it all?. From casual dinners to grand celebrations, our distinctive range of affordable, elegant dining sets cater to every taste, making each meal a feast for the senses.

Garden light


We believe that your Garden Lighting is the finishing touch to your outdoor area, so the utmost care is taken to design a truly individual lighting plan to reflect your needs and lifestyle.

Fence light


Lighting creates beautiful, in-direct outdoor lighting effects. SAYAVETH provides consultations, full service lighting system design, installation and maintenance services.

wall screeding


The combination of our unparalleled screed knowledge, our rigorous quality control coupled with our determination to help you find the perfect floor screeding product for each individual contract makes Interior Screed™ your trusted outsourced floor screeding contractor.

House cleaning


We are not just any ordinary residential and commercial cleaning service company. We are professionals in this housekeeping industry that has a personal touch in providing you with our house cleaning.

fLower plant


Flowers are the ultimate sign of natural beauty. Being easily procured, flowers can be incorporated into any landscaping ideas one might have with a vast selection of types and colors to choose from.

hotel furnishing


Whether you need to furnish your entire hotel or just redecorate a room, Sayaveth Interiors offers professional design services to assist you. Our experienced interior designers have the expertise, resources and creativity to guide you through the process of space planning, color coordination, fabric and furnishing selection for your hotel..

complete home furnishing


We give you the best of all home furnitures. We select the best of interiors that suits your taste and we can give more than you want.

kiddies room design


we are one of the world's leading specialist in bedroom furniture for children and young adults. And the furniture is designed for different age groupings generally from 2-5, then 6-8, 9-12 and finally, teenagers and young adults!

Interoom & foyer design


A foyer is an entryway to your home. It is necessary to keep in mind that foyers give guests the first impression about your home. And more importantly, it is the place to greet YOU when you come home

Tile and marble


Because stone is a gift of Mother Nature, no two surfaces are exactly alike.  Procured from quarries from around the world, we offer natural stone tile in granite, marble, slate and limestone.  Stone varies in color, texture, durability and maintenance.



Our Mosaic style is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It is a technique of decorative art or interior decoration.


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